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SpanTech is a leader in plastic modular belt conveyor systems. The unique plastic modular belt design is capable of horizontal and vertical bends within one conveyor unit. These conveyor systems are widely used in food production, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

SpanTech conveyors have a clear advantage over competing systems. Sanitary, durable, quiet, safe, and clean, these systems are easier to maintain and modify, and are readily customized to provide you with exactly the system you need. SpanTech has provided many conveyor systems throughout North America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Clean:SpanTech's plastic chain belt has a 40-75% open design (depending upon type of chain), allowing crumbs and debris to fall through. Cleaning is easy so you can maintain sanitary conditions the conveyors can even be hosed down.

Easy to Maintain: SpanTech's plastic chain belt can be opened at any point with a standard screwdriver. Sprockets can be replaced without having to remove the drive shaft. The modular plastic chain design allows for standardization of replacement parts.

Easy to Modify: SpanTech uses modular bolted construction, so sections can be added, removed or changed. Drives, idlers, curves, and vertical bends are all individual modular units, and can be changed or replaced independently.

Safe:SpanTech's plastic chain belts are completely captured to the frames, so there is no loose chain on the top or bottom of the conveyor. Dangerous catenaries have also been eliminated.

Quiet: SpanTech's plastic chain belt conveyors are designed as a complete system, with all parts created specifically to work together and reduce noise. Designer System® conveyors create one-twentieth the amount of noise of a conventional plastic conveyor system.

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